When you mention Giftun Azur Resort in Hurghada chances are that everyone knows the name, the hotel is an iconic landmark and pioneer in the hospitality industry in Hurghada since 1984. Step into the Red Sea styled terracotta lobby of Giftun and immediately you feel at home. Greeting you is our attentive and friendly staff who exemplifies the meaning of Egyptian hospitality and exceptional personal service. Nestled in acres of lush gardens and swaying palm trees enjoy an early morning jog and wonder at the variety of flowers and exotic birds you can spot on the sprawling grounds.

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Transfer aeroport - hotel - aeroport; Handling service; Avion Oradea - Hurghada ARV K Winter2021 Oradea - HURGHADA; Taxe OMR; Avion Hurghada - Oradea ARV K Winter2021 HURGHADA - Oradea; Package discount; Package commission

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